We produce a transcript of 99%+ videos as a first step in the closed captioning process to create a finished transcript. Editors have excellent knowledge and application of English grammar and punctuation. Editors use internet research skills to aid in accuracy of transcript editing. The transcript is then timed to the video by a timecoder who uses specialized software to export captions into video files and synchronize the captions precisely with the video, all while maintaining proper presentation rate, placement, and synchronicity with the video file. File is then QCed a final time to ensure accuracy. FCC and ADA Compliant. Includes embedding if needed.


Streaming has become a common source of content in today’s media age. Here at U.S. Captioning Company we are always testing new technologies and ways to add captioning to all content on the internet.

When it comes to captioning your content trust a company who has been there since the inception of the technology. As a 20 year veteran in the art of closed captioning we are prepared for all the industry changes and hiccups!

Have promotional content that you need to reach a broader audience?  Or in-house training material you need to make ADA compliant?  We will help you by inserting captions into your content that will assist you in being FCC & ADA compliant all well not taking away from the message you are trying to portray.

We can also overlay subtitles/Open Captions into content that will not be broadcast which allows us to customize the look of the words.  Imagine the words coming onto the screen complimenting your companies colors with pride!

Contact us to ask about your custom captioning need. We love to inavate and create new ways for you to reach a broader audience with the power of closed captioning!

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