We provide Real-time closed captioning services for live events such as newscasts, weather coverage, sporting events, and breaking news for some of the most well-respected national networks and TV stations. We pride ourselves on the quality of our captioners and the accuracy of our delivery. Our highly trained captioners are located all over the country and are some of the best in the business. Why? Because we set our quality standards high before the FCC began to regulate our industry. Every captioner follows our strict guidelines to ensure your live show is a success and any issues are resolved immediately. We know that as a producer, you’ve got enough to worry about. U.S. Captioning Company uses the solution that suits your needs best. Our Real-time services can be received using phone lines or via iCap.


CART (Communication Access Real-time Translation) is a verbatim speech-to-text service for people who need communication access. This Real-time service is provided as the event occurs via streaming captions on a projection screen, individual computer, or even smartphone. CART allows for equal communication access for all participants at events such as lectures, conferences, government meetings, church services, sporting events and more.


Streaming has become a common source of content in today’s media age.  Here at U.S. Captioning Company we are always testing new technologies and ways to add captioning to all content on the internet. When it comes to captioning your content trust a company who has been there since the inception of the technology.  As a 20 year veteran in the art of closed captioning we are prepared for all the industry changes and hiccups!


Contact us to ask about your custom captioning need.  We love to innovate and create new ways for you to reach a broader audience with the power of closed captioning!

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