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Country World Marketing is a division of Country World Productions Inc,/U.S. Captioning Company and is a leading sponsorship agency known for providing nation-wide media sponsorships for captioned programming. We can help your company by developing creative ways to stretch your media dollar.

What is Closed Captioning Sponsorship?  It is a paid Ad that is designated specifically to sponsor Closed Captioning for a particular program. You may have heard it announced when watching TV, “Closed Captioning Sponsored by….”  That designates who is the sponsor for the following Ad which helps cover the cost to have that program captioned.

Our clients have received proven benefits in recruitment, brand enhancement, foot traffic, and brand loyalty from implementing (:10) second Closed Captioning Sponsorships. Shown below are sample spots to help visualize our concept.


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A distinct sponsor mention draws more attention to the message and elevates viewers’ perception of the advertiser as being socially responsible.

We live in a time when consumers are highly attuned to companies with a socially responsible consciousness.

MILLENIALS – The first generation raised in the era of corporate social responsibility. They account for more than $1 trillion of current U.S. consumer spending.

Millennials respond with greater trust (91%) and loyalty (89%) and are more likely to buy companies’ products and services (89%) who exhibit CSR.


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Closed Captioned Sponsorships of LIVE News, Sports and Talk programs is an effective strategy for advertisers to better engage consumers, attract new customers, and improve the ROI of their media expenditure.

Contact our sponsorship sales team to find the right corporate supporter for your next production or Live TV show.

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