Real-time Captioning Certification


Real-time Closed Captioning Compliance Certification

 U.S. Captioning Company [“Captioning Vendor”] certifies to the Client [“Programmer”] that Captioning Vendor has implemented Best Practices (Code of Federal Regulations 79.1(k) (2)) that comply with, and satisfies, the closed captioning requirements of the Federal Communications Commission (Code of Federal Regulations 79.1.(j)), including the captioning quality requirements including accuracy, synchronicity, completeness and placement (as provided by the Programmer), for all real time live programming/newscasts, as requested and paid for by the Programmer.

Programmer acknowledges that Captioning Vendor quality performance is directly related to Programmer providing Video Programmer Operational Best Practices as outlined by the Federal Communications Commission (Code of Federal Regulations 79.1.(k)), including preparation materials (79.1.(k)(ii)(A), quality audio (79.1.(k)(ii)(B), and monitoring and troubleshooting of captions provided (79.1.(k)(iii).

Captioning Vendor also certifies that it will make best effort to provide the caption quality standards required by the Federal Communications Commission, including the four categories of requirements, concerning Accuracy, Synchronicity, Completeness, and Placement, for any non-live programming captioned real time.

U.S. Captioning Company follows the recommendation of the FCC that any prerecorded programming be captioned using the offline (post production) captioning method to ensure the above four categories of quality standards.  The FCC defines prerecorded programming as video programming that is not “live” or “near-live”.  “Live” programming is defined by the FCC as “programming that is show on television substantially simultaneously with its performance.” “Near-Live” programming is defined by the FCC as “performed and recorded less than 24 hours prior to the time it is first aired on television.”

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