Post Production Services

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Offline Captioning

Many clients choose us for our experience and for the convenience of having one provider for live captioning and non-live or offline captioning. Offline captioning is a simple and cost-effective way to permanently embed captioning on a pre-recorded program.

At U.S. Captioning Company, we work with a variety of clients; various production companies, independent producers, national TV stations, and global mass media companies. We have the resources to caption or subtitle in over 45 languages, and provide over 60 captioning file types. With a strong understanding of the television and film industry, we work confidently within budgets and on tight schedules to ensure your needs are met with every project.

Another stand-out aspect of our Offline Captioning department at U.S. Captioning Company is our Quality Assurance Department. Each script is edited to ensure 100% verbatim accuracy and strict adherence to the FCC guidelines. After each script has gone through our assessment, it goes to our Time Coding department. While synchronizing the captions precisely with the audio/video file and perfecting the formatting, our technicians will also quality check the final product to ensure the highest quality standards before sending the ready-to-air file back to our client.

So, whether its television shows, movies, a business conference, paid advertisement, or religious programming, U.S. Captioning Company works with multiple digital formats, ensuring the highest quality while opening your production up to a whole new audience.


Post Production

Our Post production services set us apart from the competition in a variety of ways. In addition to providing offline closed captions for programs, we also offer:

  • Over 10 forms of deliverables, SD and HD
  • Embedding
  • Overnight delivery of embedded media
  • Open Captions
  • Subtitles
  • Retiming or reformatting existing captioning files

Do you have a training video that needs to be compliant? Or perhaps commercial spots that need voiceovers?  U.S. Captioning Company has trained staff with experience in videography, video editing (Final Cut X), embedding (Compressor 4), audio editing, and voiceovers.  We can provide all the services you need to make your video accessible; allowing you to focus on other things. All of our clients, from TV stations uploading air checks to producers sending over Offline content for caption file creation, have access to our secure FTP site.

Our Offline/Post production team can provide you with over 60 types of closed captioning files, compatible with Final Cut Pro 7+, Adobe Premier 5.5+, Sony Vegas, or Avid software.

Content delivery to TV stations can be a challenge for independent producers. We can provide closed captioning for your content on most deliverables TV stations accept. Some of the delivery formats we provide include: Betacam SP, HD CAM, DVC Pro, DVD, or USB.


Video Description Services

Video description, often called audio description, is a service that we provide to audiences who are blind or visually impaired, and is yet another Post production service of U.S. Captioning Company. Video description is voice narration interpreting visual elements of the program during the natural pauses of dialogue or sound effects. This makes your production more accessible to millions of vision-restricted viewers. This service is essential and offers them access to a program’s visual content using age appropriate, objective language.



Multilingual Services

U.S. Captioning Company is here to help you reach any demographic. This may require captions in other languages; we offer Real-time captioning in English to Spanish, Post production captioning in over 45 languages and Video description in over 10.

Our Post production services are available in over 45 languages and can be distributed worldwide. If you have a transcript in another language that you need English subtitles for, U.S. Captioning Company can provide you with what you need.

Video description is available in English, French, and Spanish. If you are looking to reach an audience in another language, that’s no problem, just contact us to fill your request.

We’ve helped many clients streamline their delivery process through our services.  Contact us today to see how we can help you!