History of Country World Productions Inc. Country World Productions Inc. was founded in 1982 as a Multimedia Company with divisions in Television Production, Publishing, Special Event Development, and Television Sponsorship Sales. Since 1994, Country World has dedicated its expertise and efforts to providing Captioning Services and Captioning Sponsorship to the television industry. The company was founded by Timothy E. Manion, a visionary marketer, who recognized and capitalized on many exciting growth areas with the company over the next 25 years. 1982  T.E. Manion authored his first cookbook, Wild Game and Country Cooking and hosted a very popular series with the same name that aired on National PBS, the Outdoor Life Channel, and syndication. This cookbook became the “bestselling” wild game cookbook to date. He later authored three more books. 1983  Company created the National MWC Walleye Tournament Circuit and Sports Festivals. This fishing tournament circuit was the first of its kind and is today owned by Cabelas. 1987-1994  Country World created and produced a number of TV series that aired on CBS Network, the Outdoor Channel, the Learning Channel, the Sports Channel, the Outdoor Life Channel, Domestic, and International Syndication. 1993  Country World created and co-produced the CD-Rom video game series Trophy Bass and Trophy Deer with Sierra Online/Dynamix. 1994  Country World changed the course and direction of the company that greatly impacted the television industry by creating the “model” for Closed Captioning Sponsorship. This new advertising model enabled the advertiser a cost effective way to sponsor closed captioning and look like a great corporate citizen providing captioning for the deaf and hard of hearing community. The Closed Captioning Sponsorship is beneficial for the television networks/stations to enable Country World to provide them with additional non- traditional revenue. 1999  U.S. Captioning Company was formed as a subsidiary of Country World Productions Inc. as a provider of top quality Real Time, post production, CART, Spanish, and English captioning services. The company soon became the industry’s largest turnkey provider of captioning sponsorship and captioning services. 1999  Country World expanded its sponsorship expertise into providing municipal marketing sponsorship for venues, cities, municipalities, and states. 2011 A private equity group acquired Country World Productions, Inc./ U.S. Captioning Co. Beth Aschenbrenner was appointed as President/CEO, a dedicated, resourceful leader who is determined to continue guiding the company in it's commitment toward the deaf and hard of hearing population. 2011  Country World/U.S. Captioning added Audio Description services for the blind and visually impaired.
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