Sponsorship Benefits

Sponsorship of Closed Captions is Socially Responsible Marketing   

By Sponsoring Closed Captioning, you can boost your image, build your reputation, and increase your presence in the community by providing viewers who suffer from hearing loss with the opportunity to watch their favorite local news, sports, or programming.

What are the benefits of (:10) second buys?

  • Cost Effectiveness – (:10) second spots are bought at approximately 50% of the cost of a (:30) second advertising spot
  • Frequency – lower costs allow budget for multiple spots increasing your exposure
  • Exclusivity – ownership of the program is given fully to one sponsor
  • Customize Marketing – unwired networks are available Nationally or Regionally where you can cherry pick the program, stations, and markets
  • Adaptable – select program type, media venue ( ADD SOURCE ) and time of airing
  • Distinguishes – clarifies your brand and avoids all other programming clutter


  • 13, 26, or 52-week flights
  • 5 or 7 days per week
  • local news in every market
  • network news
  • syndicated programming and sports


Advertising on Live Local News

Closed Caption Sponsorships often positions advertisers’ messages in Live Local Broadcast news that engages viewers like: Weather; Traffic; Sports; Politics…. Which are not only the pillars of Local TV News content, but are the mainstays of everyday conversation.



Contrary to what many believe, social media supports local television viewing rather than weaken it by:

  • Creating a hub for community news and information
  • Engages viewers to a far greater degree
  • Drives viewers back to on-air programming

Source: Nielsen 4Q2013- Average time Adults 18+ spent with electronic media (hours:minutes)

Source: Nielsen 4Q2013- Average time Adults 18+ spent with electronic media (hours:minutes)

Brand Awareness and Loyalty

  • 47% of viewers agree that sponsors are usually industry leaders, and 60% feel that sponsors are committed to quality and excellence
  • 66% are more likely to buy products advertised with captions
  • 53% will make a special effort to look for products advertised with captions
  • 35% will change brands to buy the product that is advertised with captions over one that isn’t
(Gallaudet University, Oct. 2011)